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Paint Blitzer

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Paint Blitzer is the solution to all your miniature paint-stripping needs, specifically formulated to remove paint layers effectively, quickly and safely.


Available in 500ml regular size or 1l mega size.

Please note: Due to postage regulations are unable to ship more than one bottle of Paint Blitzer in a single order.


As part of our sustainability commitment, our bottles are made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Colour may vary from that pictured.


Paint Blitzer Accessory Pack

Make the miniature stripping process even easier with these handy accessories!

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Take the mystery out of miniature paint stripping!

Customer reviews

Based on 49 reviews
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  1. Griffin Sprague-Dixon

    Works wonders!

    This stuff is amazing! I’ve been dragging my feet to strip some old tyranids so I decided to finally open my bottle and it was amazingly easy and less stressful than any other product! Tossed it in and two hours later it was pretty much back to standard grey! Nids have those little crevices so my brush couldn’t reach every single area but thats my issue! Will be buying this stuff exclusively for stripping my model paint!

    Paint Blitzer
  2. Paul K 505

    Incredible results

    Bought this after Sugs (Rogue Hobbies) posted this on instagram. It lives up to the hype- stripped my old minis to plastic with no melting. Great stuff.

  3. Albert

    Pure Witchcraft

    Highly recommended. I’ve used this to strip plastic and metal miniatures and it’s by far the most effective paint stripper I’ve used. It’s helped to give a new lease of life to some badly painted miniatures that have been languishing in the to do pile of shame for years.

  4. Tom Pescott


    Paint blitzer really surprised me! Done the job in a decent time, didn’t smell awful and really easy to use. Definitely a product I’ll continue to use.

    Paint Blitzer
  5. Filippo Bosi

    The best way to recover your childhood minis!

    New year, new army or..new year old army?
    I’m going for the second. I needed to strip a ton of 25 years old Eldar/Aeldari models, metal and plastic to repaint them for my new 40k 10th edition army.
    Paint blitzer made the whole process a breeze!
    I am amazed by how efficient Paint Blitzer by @untothebreachhobbies.
    30 minutes and a minimal amount of brush scrubbing under the tap has done what simple green/degreaser would do in hours and hours of work, if not more.
    Only a minimal amount of primer has stayed, but another bath in Paint Blitzer will definitely solve that. No paint gunk in the recesses, easy to use, does not stink at all! I’m in awe!

    Paint Blitzer
    Paint Blitzer
    Paint Blitzer
  6. Felix Bloch

    Makes the mini look just as new

    I bought the paint blitzer after I saw Louise’s stream on Twitch where she used it. As I had a little airbrush accident I decided to strip some of my minis. It took two rounds, each 30 minutes long but the end result was amazing. My Apothecary Biologis looked just like new (Vallejo black primer, Vallejo white layer, and GW apothecary white). The only issue I had was with minis that had a GW spray can basecoat as stripping those took a lot more time in the solution.

    Paint Blitzer
    Paint Blitzer
    Paint Blitzer
  7. Jon Kershaw

    10/10 would use again.

    What an incredible product, does exactly what it says it will with very little fuss. Really quick and relatively odourless (I would say that it has a mild, but not unpleasant almond aroma). Let’s face it, the alternatives are Acetone – only for metal minis really, and is really not very good for you, or “Leading Brand Disinfectant” which is really ponderous and has a smell that could be described as an acquired taste. Give Paint Blitzer a go, you won’t be disappointed!

    Paint Blitzer
    Paint Blitzer
  8. David

    Great Product

    Product works brilliantly on both plastic and metal. I made the mistake of putting metal models in it and forgetting about them for 3 weeks. No harm done, washed off exactly the same with great results.

    Much better than acetone or IPA which I’ve used before and almost odourless in comparison.


  9. John Riches

    Changes the Paint Stripping Game

    I got Paint Blitzer in an attempt to write the wrongs of some previous paint jobs on my Team Yankee projects. Within half and hour it had literally blitzed some mixed metal and resin models. These models had three layers of paint on them, including a black spray. Absolutely recommended.

  10. Michael

    Best paint remover on the market!

    Super happy with this stuff. It doesn’t burn your skin, it removes paint thoroughly, and doesn’t smell like other paint strippers out there. Excellent product!

    Paint Blitzer
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