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Paint Blitzer

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Paint Blitzer is the solution to all your miniature paint-stripping needs, specifically formulated to remove paint layers effectively, quickly and safely.


Available in 500ml regular size or 1l mega size.

Please note: Due to postage regulations are unable to ship more than one bottle of Paint Blitzer in a single order.


As part of our sustainability commitment, our bottles are made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Colour may vary from that pictured.


Take the mystery out of miniature paint stripping!


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  1. James

    Best product I've used for Plastics


    I’ve always had issues cleaning plastic models, Paint Blitzer is the first product I’m 100% happy with, 90mins soak and a scrub and good to go.

    Paint Blitzer
  2. Matt

    This stuff is magic. It saved a model that a rival paint stripper had failed to clean. It also doesn’t seem like a horrid toxic chemical. Will definitely use again!

  3. Joe mc

    Only paint stripper you’ll ever need. Nothing more need be said.

  4. Ben

    Feels like magic.

    So it eats through every conceivable layer of paint, washes off with a light scrub and water, isn’t horrendously toxic or abrasive, doesn’t harm the plastic, and gets the job done in only 30 minutes.
    Pretty sure it’s made of unicorns, this sh*t is magic, it even smells nice. Whose soul did y’all sell for this concoction?

  5. Tom Nicholson

    Brilliant stuff

    This stuff is great, fast acting, surprisingly economical and the end results are top notch. Will almost certainly be purchasing again

    Paint Blitzer
    Paint Blitzer
    Paint Blitzer
  6. Mathieu Boé

    Tried out Paint Blitzer to redo some Sisters of Battle… What can I say, it simply works. Left the miniatures in there for an hour, scrubbed, bathed them again to remove as much as I could from all the nooks and cranies and they are almost brand new. I tested the product on an old “Test Subject” Space Marines that I had lying around, the one that got primed using a rattle can, and slapped paint onto it multiple time, reprimed, and repainted to test things out. Left him for the night because I forgot I had put him in there. He came out absolutely clean with no damage to the plastic whatsoever even after 8 hours. I was absolutely amazed, and I highly recommend this product, it is pure wizardry ! Bonus point : it doens’t smell bad.

    Paint Blitzer
  7. Alejandro

    Best I've used

    Used it on a single miniature for a test and it stripped what nothing had before. Amazing!

  8. Phil


    Having used various strippers, IPA, Dettol, Meth spirits I picked up some Paint Blitzer off the back off a recommendation from a friend on Discord.
    It is hands down the best product I have used for stripping minatures.
    It cuts through paint, varnish and primer with ease and isnt smelly or harmful.

    Paint Blitzer
  9. Nicholas smith


    This product is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. It cuts through paint, and varnish even the undercoat which I’ve found most paint strippers struggle with. Work as it says on the bottle and doesn’t even smell too bad.

    I’d give it more stars if I could a solid 10/5 I feel.

    Paint Blitzer
    Paint Blitzer
    Paint Blitzer
  10. Mo Hussain

    Paint Blitzer is an incredible product for stripping miniatures and after using various products like Dettol, Simple Green and Nail Polish Remover over the years Paint Blitzer is definitely the most effective solution I’ve come across. It is fast acting and reactive, I was able to get a whole tub of models, a mix of plastic and metal, cleaned up and stripped in under 2 hours.

    It lacks the strong solvent odour like Dettol or Nail Polish remover making clean up easy and left no residue on the plastic models like dettol occasionally does. You will definitely need a good toothbrush or small pick to clear the residual paint out of the crevasses of the models but I’ve found it much better at getting into those hard to reach places. Just dip your models, wait for the recommended time and enjoy your just as new old minis! 5 stars!

    Paint Blitzer
    Paint Blitzer
  11. @Rictus40K

    I used Paint Blitzer on a Forge World resin Chaos Spawn and War Mammoth. Did a great job of removing the existing paint without damaging the models. Far easier to use than other products I have used for paint stripping, great results without the problems of other strippers.

    Paint Blitzer
    Paint Blitzer
  12. Daniel Fisken

    Absolutely fantastic product.

    Used on a forge world Leviathan Dreadnought. Ate through the old Paint job and a purposely thick primed top coat (me giving it the acid test) like butter.

    I’ll never go back to methylated spirits again!.

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