New logo and Paint Blitzer returning soon!

Hi there gang.

Things have been pretty quiet from us lately, and we are aware you are all eager for Paint Blitzer to get back in stock. We are pleased to announce Paint Blitzer will be returning Summer 2022, and will continue to share all the exciting developments we have been keeping secret up until now!

We are also over the moon to reveal our new logo, courtesy of the artist Mat Pringle. I am delighted to have got Mat on board and am even more pleased with what we came up with.

We have taken to calling the dragon Terrence. However I am now realising that since he doesn’t have any wings, perhaps he isnt’ a dragon at all?

Mat works in lino-cut, which involves carving a physical lino block then pressing it with ink to create a print. Here is what he had to say about the logo project:

UtB approached me with a commission to come up with a logo for their miniature paint stripping products. I tend to be quite picky about commissions but the Fantasy RPG/Boardgame element is always a draw for me as I can revert to my fifteen year old self and create some fantastical illustrations. 

Mat starts to make recessed cuts into the lino material to create the printing block

The brief was fairly open beyond the letters being prominent so I sketched a few ideas and we decided to go for a fortified citadel lettering style. The dragon winding around the fortification came a little later. It was fun applying my detailed pen and ink style illustrations to the letters and dragon. The limited colour palette really helps the letters pop. I’m looking forward to seeing the logo on UtB merch etc.

Mat rolls the ink onto the lino print block ready to press
The magic is revealed!

Thanks so much to Mat for his work on the new logo, make sure to check him out on his site, as well as his Insta and Twitter!

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