New: Paint Blitzer Accessory Pack

Hello hobbyists!

We have just launched a new addition to the Unto the Breach Hobbies range! The Paint Blitzer Accessory Pack is a range of handy tools and addons as a supplement to your bottle of Paint Blitzer.

These tools have been selected to make the paint stripping process even easier, and includes:

  • Large scrubbing brush: Perfect for general paint removal, with ergonomic handle and stiff nylon bristes
  • Small scrubbing brush: Assists in precision paint removal with a smaller brush head
  • Tweezers: Hold smaller minis or bits in place, and use the pointed ends to remove paint stuck in the nooks and crannies
  • Tub: The ideal container for holding your models while they soak in Paint Blitzer. This round tub is made from plant based plastic and is compostable
  • Pair of Gloves*: Keep your hands clean during the stripping process! These disposable gloves are biodegradeable. 

* While normally Paint Blitzer is perfectly safe to handle with your bare hands, if you want to stay clean, or have easily irritated/dry skin, these are exactly what you need. 

Not only this, but if you add an accessory pack to any order of regular or mega Paint Blitzer, you get 50% off! Make sure to pick yours up today.

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