Announcing: Paint Blitzer!

Here at UTB we are excited to announce our first product which we have been working on over the past few months!

Paint Blitzer is a paint stripping solution specifically formulated for tabletop miniatures. It penetrates and dislodges the layers of paint allowing you to easily clean it away under running water, revealing the miniature underneath!

Paint Blitzer in use

Whether you are purchasing miniatures second hand, revitalising an old project, or want to give your new colour scheme another go, Paint Blitzer will be an invaluable tool in any hobby painter’s arsenal.

Paint Blitzer works on acrylic, enamel and even shellac coatings due to its special recipe. It not only removes the paint layers, but also any varnish and primer! It can be used on any kind of miniature, including plastic, metal and resin.

Paint Blitzer has been painstakingly formulated and developed to be safe for both you and your miniatures. Here at Unto the Breach we know how important your miniatures are to you, so while other products on the market can cause your miniatures to lose detail or become brittle, Paint Blitzer will only remove the outer layers of varnish, paint and primer and leave the miniature pristine! As well as this, Paint Blitzer is non-irritant, does not release any harmful fumes, and can be handled with ease.

Take the mystery out of paint stripping and give your minis a new lease of life with Paint Blitzer!

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